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There are a number of US organizations that certify welders. The AWS focuses on structural codes involved in the construction of buildings and bridges.

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The ASME deals more with boiler and pressure vessel codes, and the API oversees codes for welding the pipelines for the gas and oil industries. Each certifying body offers various types and levels of certification.

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AWS offers a general Certified Welder certificate as well as:. The ASME also offers certification for working on boiler and pressure vessels, and the API has its own codes for welding gas and oil pipelines. The different types of welding that will be required for a given project are normally listed on the building plan.

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Some cities, like Los Angeles, have their own certification and licensing requirements for welders employed by the government. As mentioned above, not all states require welders to have a license or certification.

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Still, getting certified is strongly recommended for several reasons. For another thing, getting more training and studying for exams will help you hone your craft and expand your professional abilities.

You could hire yourself out as an independent contractor, start a mobile welding business, or open a fabrication shop, and each of these options comes with its own set of requirements and procedures. One thing they all have in common, though, is finding good welding insurance. Business insurance is essential for all small business owners and independent contractors.

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It ensures that you can embark on whatever projects come your way with confidence, knowing that your business is protected. All welding units are equipped with generators laser characterized by great optics reliability and optimum homogeneity of the welding point. The machine is equipped with optical head with sustained by a spherical node microscope which allows easily the inclination of the beam of laser depending on the shape of parts to repair.

Easy and multiple regulations allow the maximum flexibility of work.

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