Modernist Form and the Myth of Jewification

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Exploring the multiple fantasies and projections woven around notions of Judaism, Levi provides a deeply penetrating insight into modern literature s complex negotiations with the antisemitic imaginary. This is a book no student of modernism should ignore. Levi is addressing issues that go beyond the aesthetic while nonetheless playing an important role in it. His analysis is fine-tuned and convincing both as literary criticism and as ideology critique. From Wagner and Nordau via Wyndham Lewis and Joyce to Beckett and Adorno we are offered theoretically informed readings that cut through many misunderstandings of this riven field of fascism, modernism, and violence.

It turns out that European literary modernism is deeply embedded in issues of Jewishness and anti-semitism. A must read for any scholar of modernism! Reviews 0. Review this product. Write a review. Log in to your account to manage your alerts. Add a lower price to be notified.

Modernism in Dispute Art Since the Forties Modern Art Practices & Debates

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References in classic literature? The coach was a kind of commodious wagonette, invented by the modernist talent of the courier, who dominated the expedition with his scientific activity and breezy wit.

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View in context. To explore elements of modernism in Chinese poetry, scholars of Chinese literature discuss toward an origin of Chinese poetic modernisms, modernist poetry from Taiwan, bridging borders in contemporary poetry, and reconceptualizations of poetry in the post-Mao era. Chinese Poetic Modernisms. His choice fell on a modernist spherical single storey building by Jumeirah beach that had been constructed only recently.

Modernist form and the myth of Jewification

The UAE needs a law to protect modern architecture. Maren Tova Linett ed. Barnhisel's chapter headings provide an overview of the vast scope of his research: "'Advancing American Art': Modernist Painting and Public-Private Partnerships" about the controversial overseas State Department exhibit held in the late s that was terminated by the USG in large part because its non-representational displays offended some U.

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