How To Increase Productivity: Get More Done and Stop Wasting Time

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Stop wasting time – ways to boost your productivity

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How to set realistic deadlines at work and meet them. People don't want to put their names on anything that is less than perfect. One way to avoid being judged is simply to not do anything at all. This way, failure is not an option for the time being, at least. Procrastination can actually be comforting when the fear of failure is present.

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It serves as protection because it guards you from the possibility of actual failure rather than the more subjective failure that comes along with not trying something in the first place. People who are afraid of failing may choose to procrastinate, but this ends up ultimately setting people up for failure. Procrastinating out of fear of failure becomes a negative self-fulfilling prophecy because you will get used to avoiding the risks you have to take in order to succeed in life. Remember that what counts is the quality of your effort, not the perfection of your results. People with unhealthy lifestyles tend to have lower energy levels.

Whether you don't get enough sleep or you have an unhealthy diet that leaves you feeling sluggish and tired, lifestyle factors can play a large role in how motivated you are to get up and do something.

Strategy 1: Give Yourself Some Motivation Mojo with the 2-minute Rule

It's important to find out the cause of your low energy. This may be why one of the most common habits among successful people is getting exercise in the morning. Doing this sets the precedent for the day and starts you off with a boost of energy that will keep you motivated to keep working hard. If you have this problem, you can easily recognize it. You probably know right off hand if you tend to be lazy and would rather sit around and watch television than get up and do some meaningful work.

If you want to be productive but you don't have the physical energy to be active, then you probably have low physical energy levels.

10 Productivity Killers to Avoid If You Want to Manage Your Time Better

Do you want to know the end goal? If you don't know which direction you are going in or the purpose of what you're doing, you may feel like you're spinning your wheels. Not having a clear vision of the end goal or bigger picture is one of the most common causes of procrastination. The project may seem overwhelming, confusing, or disorganized. In these cases, you aren't necessarily procrastinating to avoid the task, but more so to avoid experiencing the negative emotions of feeling helpless.

No one likes feeling clueless, and it is easy to just turn your attention somewhere else instead of handling the situation head-on. Without a vision to guide you toward productivity, you will end up focusing on things going on in the present moment like text messages or dirty dishes rather than what you need to be doing now to reach an ultimate goal.

Having a solid vision will encourage you to take action. If you can relate to these causes of procrastination and feel like you're ready to do something about it, you have come to the right place. Let's look at some tips so you can stop wasting time and start getting things done. Acknowledging this fact and identifying the reason why you are procrastinating will help you overcome this negative habit.

First off, you can't wait for perfect conditions to do your work or to launch a great project. Taking immediate action begins a positive cycle that motivates even more action. Think of inertia. If you are working and you're on a roll, you will continue to work hard and produce results. Alternatively, if you are doing nothing, you will probably continue to do nothing until something dramatic happens to create a change. Or, you may steer clear of your responsibilities by getting lost in other things until it's time to panic that your work is not finished.

Once you start panicking, you may keep avoiding the task, or you may get lost in dealing with the emergency of the moment caused by your procrastination. Either way, if you don't know exactly why you are procrastinating on something and you have even less of a clue as to what to do about it, it makes sense that you are avoiding taking action. Utilize time-management techniques, such as timeboxing and the Japanese technique known as Kaizen , to help organize your day. Get a planner or app that lays out all of your deadlines, and leave room to check things off as you complete them.

If you can't recline and swivel in your office chair, chances are meetings will speed right along. No one likes clutter. Eliminating it is a rule of thumb when it comes to advertising design and interior decorating, and the principle should carry over to your work life, too. If your schedule doesn't have enough "white space" between appointments, tasks and deadlines, you can get overwhelmed and fumble the things you need to do, says organizing expert Harriet Schechter.

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7 Ways to Stop Wasting Time and Become More Productive

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How To Be More Productive - Reverse-Engineer your day for Productivity and Time Management Tips

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