Deepen Your Practice 30 - I and That: I and That

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Deepen & Flow Yoga Practice

A reading group. Hours of supplementary recordings, discussions, meditations, articles, videos and more. Use your Fallout Yoga pass! Take your yoga practice to the next level with this in-depth, diverse, and approachable course. Join our warm community of fellow yoga practitioners. Source a rich library of supporting online resources.

Deepen Your Practice: 8 Steps to a Powerful Home Practice

The supporting materials are all FREE! Register with your email address to learn about the course and reading schedules and to access additional online course materials. Starting September 26, begin an enlightening journey of honing, refining, and expanding your yoga practice.

This content-rich course will take your practice to new heights with refined anatomy knowledge and alignment principles for your asanas, will give you enlivening and grounding subtle-body and pranayama practices, and mind-expanding meditations, and much more.

First Name. Last Name. Message optional. Sessions take place during my regular Fallout Yoga classes: Monday 6 am Rise and Shine Monday pm Power 1 Friday pm Power 1 Saturday am Restore I'll hold a few classes at a few other satellite locations. See schedule for details. Other expert teachers will be teaching the regularly scheduled classes at Fallout Yoga Tuition for satellite location events and cost of the book are not included with your Fallout Yoga pass.

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If you are a yoga teacher, you can do the whole weekend since Sunday is a training day just for you! Download flyer. Students and Yoga Teachers, click here to register for Friday and Saturday classes.

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Yoga Teachers, click here to register for the full weekend. Everyone welcome to any or all sessions Friday and Saturday schedule below ; no yoga experience necessary.

Teachers can obtain 15 total CEs with Yoga Alliance for attending the full weekend. Saturday afternoon is a pre-requisite for Sunday schedule below. Both beginners and savvy MELTers are welcome!

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Deepen your relaxation by rebalancing the regulators of the nervous system using this simple revolutionary self-care method. You will be guided in basic gentle yoga postures and MELT sequences to discover how hydrating connective tissue or fascia supports you in the practice of yoga. Learn more. Dynamic Gentle Yoga: Stimulate and Integrate. Sunday is a training day for yoga teachers.

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  • This Friday evening class is a refined sequence of Gentle Yoga floor poses designed to be accessible and empowering to all students who can practice mat yoga. Physically this style consists of slow, smooth, and soothing movements, exploring a mindful entry to each posture. Methodical breath practice and cueing during movement cultivates the dynamic experience of stimulating prana and focusing attention inward, evoking a meditative steadying of the mind.

    This sequence has been honed over many hundreds of classes, tweaked to accommodate the needs of students with a wide variety of abilities and limitations, providing a safe practice yet not sacrificing the depth of stress relief and peace of mind that many seek in their pursuit of yoga.

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    On Saturday morning, you will be guided through a sequence of essential Gentle Yoga postures rooted in alignment, breath and core stability. You will experience a grounded practice anchored in empowering alignment cues and focused breath sequencing, all synchronized with core stabilization. Incorporating the methodical, breath-based DGY style, entering poses is an awareness-expanding exploration of the spectrum of the asana.

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    Take a profound journey inward, riding on ever-building currents of vitality, ease, and rock-sold steadiness. This is a well-balanced, thorough sequence of poses and modifications that are accessible to all students who can practice mat yoga. This class on Saturday afternoon dives into deeper practice, exploring the sustaining phase to build energy and stimulate the flow of prana, your vital energy.

    The transformational power of yoga results from stimulating the flow of prana while steadying the mind. Sunday is a training day for yoga teachers to explore the methods for taking students deeper in their practice by guiding an extended sustaining phase of the pose. Learn how to masterfully and compassionately guide students to safely sustain the pose for deep release. Refine your language and acquire the tools you need for guiding this deep, transformational aspect of yoga practice:. Note to Teachers: While attendance for the full weekend is highly recommended, attendance on Saturday afternoon is required for participation in the Sunday training day.

    They are a must-take for those wishing to broaden their teaching for every body! Your guiding wisdom and compassionate spirit meant so much to me during my yoga teacher training. Your students are all blessed to have you.

    Deepen & Flow - Yoga With Adriene

    It was a perfect combination of learning, relaxation, spiritual atmosphere, humor and support. Rudy is a professional yoga teacher. He has tremendous gift of building relationships to each of us in the workshop. Rudy has a great delivery—calm intentional, clear- and is non judgmental and funny too!

    He offered many useful modifications and slow and gentle entries into poses that I will incorporate into my beginners Kripalu yoga classes.