Call Her Thursday

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The best day of the week to have sex. I'm not kidding.

Maundy Thursday: Origin, Usage, and Traditions

It adds a whole 'nother level to it. Person 1: Whatcha doin' Thursday?

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Person 2: Linda's coming over. Person 1: Holy shit.

The day that Arthur Dent never could get the hang of. Also the day Earth was blown up by Vogons. We just thursdayed , and now i can't even walk. Mayne , i gotta get me some thursday soon. YY Flouncy The robot is equipped with a neuronal network and has access to all electronic devices.

I want to kill" is an unhinged, psychedelic romp through the bleak depths of space.

Jess Glynne x Ed Sheeran - Thursday [Acoustic]

One day, he fields a call from someone he knew in a past life. In the wake of a widespread viral epidemic, two U.

Urban Dictionary: Thursday

Officers opened the door and used a less-lethal round to scare the bear away. Officers responded to a disturbance at a restaurant in the block of South Lincoln Avenue. Two men were reportedly outside, playing a game in which they punched each other in the face. A third man acted as a referee.

Candidates take shots at Trump, Congress and each other in second Miami debate

One of the men was bleeding from his face, and the caller was concerned about the men, who appeared intoxicated. They left before officers arrived.


The Record offers a glimpse of police activity and is not a comprehensive report of all police activity. Calls such as domestic violence, sexual assaults and juvenile situations typically do not appear in The Record. Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. If you don't follow the rules , your comment may be deleted.