Be Right (Romans): How to Be Right with God, Yourself, and Others (The BE Series Commentary)

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By making the challenge the way Satan did, he first made them mildly skeptical about God's love, asking them, Does God really love you?


Second, he made it seem as though obedience to God was, in reality, servility. He made them begin to feel as though God's way was restrictive; that He was holding back good things from them.

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This thought naturally led them to think much more could be obtained from life if they just followed their body's and mind's natural inclinations. Third, he played his trump card: Not only would they not die, but they would be in control, free to determine right and wrong. In short, they would be equal to God! Satan successfully brought them into a spirit of competition against God, resulting in the enmity described in Romans He indirectly lied about God Himself, and he directly lied about the penalty, giving them misinformation about the reward.

He did tell them the truth, that their eyes would be opened and that they would not immediately die.

Their eyes were opened, and they now looked at things through the twisted perspective, seeing evil in everything. From innocence, they became ashamed of their nakedness. The effect began immediately. This is important because right thoughts precede right actions; right thoughts determine the release of proper emotions. Our thoughts express themselves even in our most casual relationships, in daily work, and most importantly, in our intimate relationships in our home and family.

Most of all, they express themselves in our relationship with God. False beliefs about God and His purpose for man are far more destructive than alcohol and drugs. They confuse, divide, and bring on warfare. Satan's lies, his counterfeits, and his devices are usually so subtle that only a trained mind can discern them. God teaches us to be able to see. He trains us to be able to spot the ploys, contrivances, and stratagems of our enemy so that we can overcome and defeat him. Ritenbaugh Satan Part 2. Proverbs Fearing God is a choice.

Each and every day of our lives, we are faced with many pressures, forces, and influences that compel us to react. We must make a choice: "Shall I go this way, or shall I go that way? Notice the verbs in this series of verses: "hated," "did not choose," "would have none," "despised"! Is it any wonder that Romans says that the carnal mind is enmity against God? We begin to understand that it was the fear of God, given as the gift of God, that drove us to react, drove us in the direction of the very One who holds in His hands the issues of life!

God instilled that reaction within us! There is an antagonism toward wisdom—toward God.

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Wisdom is not hiding. People have access to common wisdom, which is described as being right out there on the street—out in public. It is in the forest; it is in the city; it is on the job—it is everywhere! We are surrounded by it! This is why God can make the accusation that the Gentiles who do not have the law are a law unto themselves when they do what the law says is right Romans Their own conscience bears them witness that they understand what is right and what is wrong verse 15!

Proverbs 1 shows that God personified as Wisdom uses just about every device imaginable to awaken people to what is right, so that they will fear evil. We see Wisdom threatening, laughing, and warning, like a dog baring its teeth. If a snarling pit bull braced to attack every time we were about to sin , we would fear, would we not?

Our skin would crawl, our hair would stand on end, and we would be almost spitless!

Be Right (Romans): How to Be Right with God, Yourself, and Others (The BE Series Commentary)

God has not chosen to warn us in that way, but He does warn us through His Word. He also warns us through the fruit of sin, which we see in this world as well as in our own lives. It is almost as if Wisdom is saying, "I told you so, but you would not listen!

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Ritenbaugh The Fear of God. Isaiah Despite the fact that man is separated from God , the Bible says very little about it, mostly because the writers of the Bible assume it to be so since the separation of God and man at the very beginning of the Book Genesis Everyone who reads the Bible with any kind of understanding recognizes that man and God are not on the same wavelength.

They are estranged from one another. Despite so little being written about the separation, a great deal is written about how the two will be reconciled. Isaiah is one of the very few places that actually clearly states why the separation exists: because of man's hostility toward God. Paul states in Romans that the carnal mind is enmity, hostile, against God, and that hostility, he writes in Ephesians , is motivated by "the prince of the power of the air.

Ritenbaugh Fall Feast Lessons. Luke The far country symbolizes forgetfulness of God Deuteronomy , 14, 19 , the condition Paul describes as "alienated from the life of God" Ephesians All the dissatisfied young man wants to do is to satisfy his senses and desires.

After disillusionment, destitution, and degradation, the prodigal, feeling no longer worthy to be called a son, decides to ask his father to make him one of his servants. The far country is the place people go to remove themselves as far from God the Father as possible. It represents the world , the place where evil flourishes, where it is the norm, popular, and acceptable. In it, the perversions of society—lying, adultery , abortion, homosexuality, and many others—are tolerated and even celebrated I John The far country signifies the abode of the ungodly, those with whom the prodigal son feels most comfortable.

The righteous cause him discomfort because he cannot over-drink, smoke, cuss, or tell dirty jokes when he is with them. The godly stifle him because he feels pressured to produce the fruit of self-control. The far country is the state of mind that is enmity toward God Romans Martin G. Collins Parables of Luke 15 Part Three.

Romans How does God's Spirit help us to overcome? Because of their disobedience, an attitude, a spirit, of sin and rebellion entered into them and separated them from God. That spirit is enmity against God Romans It is a poison, a spiritual disease, that contaminates each individual as he adjusts to a sin-filled world and makes the same poor choices that Adam and Eve made.

However, once God calls a person, if he allows God to humble him, then upon repentance , he is prepared for the indwelling of God's Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is the antidote for the noxious, evil spirit of sin that humanity has followed since the Garden of Eden. Our carnal spirit, mimicking the attitudes of Satan , is prideful and self-serving, but God's pure and powerful Spirit can heal us and make it possible for us to keep God's laws by dissolving our proud, selfish nature. Once this process has begun, we can then begin to bear the fruits of the Spirit Galatians Yet, we cannot take the indwelling of God's Spirit for granted.

When David sinned with Bathsheba and conspired in the death of Uriah the Hittite, he drifted from God for several months at least, for it was not until around the time that the baby was born that the prophet Nathan shocked the king into awareness of what he had done II Samuel In his psalm of repentance, he cries, "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from your presence, and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me" Psalm ; emphasis ours throughout. He realized that by his neglect of seeking God daily, he had been dangerously close to losing all contact with God.

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Thus, he asks God to renew His Spirit within him and not take it away. He writes in II Corinthians , "Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.

Be Right (Romans): How to Be Right with God, Yourself, and Others

Galatians In verses , Paul draws an analogy in which he likens the Jew to a child who is waiting to come into an inheritance and the Gentile to a slave in the same household. He explains how, before the coming of Christ , the spiritual state of the Jew was no different from the Gentile because neither had had their sins forgiven nor had they received God's Spirit.

Prior to the coming of Christ, both Jews and Gentiles were "in bondage under the elements of the world " verse 3. The word "elements" is the Greek stoicheion , which means any first thing or principal. Satan and his demons are the origin, the underlying cause, of the evil ways of this world, and all unconverted humans are under their sway. Paul is saying that both Jews and Gentiles had been in bondage to sin and Satan. Earl L. Ephesians In this context, Paul is speaking specifically to the Gentiles, but in principle, it applies to all of us too—because we too have been far from God.

Therefore, the animal must have a faculty in addition to the exterior senses by which the animal can identify different kinds of sensations, for example, of color, smell, and so forth with one particular object of experience. We might think that it is some sort of intellectual faculty that coordinates different sensations, but not all animals have reason. Therefore, animals must have an interior sense faculty whereby they sense that they are sensing, and that unifies the distinct sensations of the various sense faculties.

Thomas calls this faculty, following Avicenna, the common sense not to be confused, of course, with common sense as that which most ordinary people know and professors are often accused of not possessing.

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Since, for Thomas, human beings are animals too, they also possess the faculty of common sense. In addition to the common sense, Thomas argues that we also need what philosophers have called phantasy or imagination to explain our experience of the cognitive life of animals including human beings.

For, clearly, perfect animals sometimes move themselves to a food source that is currently absent. Therefore, such animals need to be able to imagine things that are not currently present to the senses but have been cognized previously in order to explain their movement to a potential food source. On the assumption that, in corporeal things, to receive and retain are reduced to diverse principles, Thomas argues the faculty of imagination is thus distinct from the exterior senses and the common sense. He also notes that imagination in human beings is interestingly different from that of other animals insofar as human beings, but not other animals, are capable of imagining objects they have never cognized by way of the exterior senses, or objects that do not in fact exist, for example, a golden mountain.

Thus, we need to posit two additional powers in those animals. The memorative power is that power that retains cognitions produced by the estimative power.