BARNSTORMING: Live as a Pilot, Not a Passenger

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His intelligence, not only with barnstorming, but aviation in general is immense. After he turned 18, however, he took the first opportunity he got.

Barnstorming in the 21st Century

That opportunity came on senior skip day at his southwestern Ohio high school when he hopped into a Piper Cub for the first time. Or at least he thought. Working as a real estate agent finally allowed him to enroll at a Part flight school, finishing off his instrument rating and receiving his commercial certificate. He flew skydivers and Navy Seals-in-training for the next few years of his life, and he loved it, but he was craving more.

His next stint was at NetJets. After flying for the fractional ownership program for two years, he, unfortunately, got laid off in due to the economy.

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He spent most of his time daydreaming and brainstorming his exit strategy. And what he was dreaming was the same dreams he had as a child: Of old biplanes, grass airstrips, and cerulean skies. After losing a friend overseas, and flying his remains back to the states, Dewey quit his government job. He bought a Travel Air biplane, and started a barnstorming and ride hauling business serving the Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus area in southwestern Ohio. This translates into hundreds of flights for his business alone.

Daring young man

Recently, he purchased a New Standard biplane. Dewey relates the story of an year-old lady who hopped out of the plane and kissed him.

This is what drives Dewey to do this whenever he possibly can. An inflight selfie captures the sheer joy of not just the passengers, but Dewey as well. He describes it as a full-blown experience for those who purchase rides from him. I went this past summer, and it was a very unique and fun experience. Be a better informed pilot. The Airbus A from Miami was on final approach when it banked sharply to the left over the runway, performed a go-around maneuver and landed safely.

Air Berlin said the crew had gotten permission to perform a left turn in case of an aborted landing.

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Aviation authorities are looking into the unusual incident, the airline said, according to the Local of Germany. A pilot for a different airline told Reuters that a go-around should only be performed for operational or safety reasons. Lufthansa has signed a deal to buy large parts of the operations of Air Berlin, which filed for bankruptcy on Aug. The airline will fly its final short-haul flights at the end of this month.

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This story has been shared 93, times. This story has been shared 58, times. A pilot's ability to fly comes from the knowledge and skill to manage the relationships between gravity, lift, drag, and thrust. Your ability to soar comes from the same place. By applying lessons learned in the cockpit to life on the ground, Scott kicks open the door to extraordinary success.

Scott is a health care executive with an MBA in Leadership, a licensed private pilot and aviation enthusiast.

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